Our new Butterfly Made Easy Self-Coaching Course will introduce you to four techniques that make it possible to swim butterfly with an unprecedented ease and enjoyment:

1.    Focus more on a long, streamlined bodyline than on pulling and kicking.
2.    ‘Play’ buoyancy and gravity against each other.
3.    Use just one kick per stroke cycle—either a dolphin or a ‘frog’ kick.
4.    Breathe every stroke cycle—with a ‘sneaky breath.

This Course Includes:

1.    Four videos (totaling 23 minutes), illustrating four foolproof learning steps and featuring:

     a.    Surface and underwater views from every perspective;
     b.    Slow-motion and stop-action to highlight critical moments; and
     c.    Dozens of succinct on-screen coaching tips.

2.    A 67-page densely-illustrated e-workbook, providing deep guidance on:

     a.    The efficiency foundations for the stroke you’re studying;
     b.    How to succeed at each of the four learning steps for that stroke; and
     c.    Whole-stroke training tips

Beautiful photo illustrations show every key moment and position for each learning step and the whole stroke.