Breaststroke Made Easy: Do Less, Swim Better

Breaststroke is the world’s oldest and most popular stroke. There is evidence of a breaststroke-like style being swum over 10,000 years ago and it was the first stroke taught formally, in books published between 1538 and 1794.

However, the highly inefficient and very slow style taught nearly 500 years ago—head held high with large, slow arm circles—still prevails among many lap swimmers today. Closely related styles that retain many of the inefficient characteristics of ‘ancient’ breaststroke are nearly universal today.

Our new Breaststroke Made Easy Self Coaching Course teaches a radically different style that incorporates key techniques used by elites which allow them to swim stunningly fast times—under 1:00 for 100 meters. Yet these techniques do not require youth, great fitness, or special talents. In fact, they can easily be learned by swimmers of any age or level of athleticism—including those learning breaststroke for the first time.

Four innovative high-efficiency skills

1.    Minimize drag: Streamline underwater for most of each stroke cycle; spend less time at the surface.
2.    Conserve energy: Return to the surface by ‘catching a wave’ of buoyancy and momentum.
3.    Avoid waste: Pull and kick with smaller strokes that greatly reduce drag while producing highly effective propulsion.
4.    Maximize momentum: Swim barely above and below the surface. Breathe with a stable and aligned head.

This Course Includes:

1.    Four videos (totaling 23 minutes), illustrating four foolproof learning steps and featuring:

    a.    Surface and underwater views from every perspective;
    b.    Slow-motion and stop-action to highlight critical moments; and
    c.    Dozens of succinct on-screen coaching tips.

2.    A 71-page densely-illustrated e-workbook, providing deep guidance on:

     a.    The efficiency foundations for the stroke you’re studying;
     b.    How to succeed at each of the four learning steps for that stroke; and
     c.    Whole-stroke training tips

Beautiful photo illustrations show every key moment and position for each learning step and the whole stroke.

Head shot 2

Terry Laughlin

Terry Laughlin is founder and head coach of Total Immersion Swimming, In his 40+ year coaching career, he coached scores of national champions and several world-ranked swimmers. In his 50-year swimming career he progressed from being 'stuck in the slow lane' between ages 14 and 21 to becoming a 6-time National Masters champion and multiple USMS age group record holder in open water, between age 55 and 60. 

In October 2015, he swam from Corsica to Sardinia, another in a long series of ‘ultra’-marathon swims in his 50s and 60s.  

Three weeks after that swim, Terry was diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer. Ever since he has truly swum for life.  

On November 4-5, 2016--exactly a year after his diagnosis--Terry swam two 10K marathons in the Red Sea on consecutive days in an event organized by TI-Israel.

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