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Terry Laughlin

Terry Laughlin is founder and head coach of Total Immersion Swimming, In his 40+ year coaching career, he coached scores of national champions and several world-ranked swimmers. In his 50-year swimming career he progressed from being 'stuck in the slow lane' between ages 14 and 21 to becoming a 6-time National Masters champion and multiple USMS age group record holder in open water, between age 55 and 60. 

In October 2015, he swam from Corsica to Sardinia, another in a long series of ‘ultra’-marathon swims in his 50s and 60s.  

Three weeks after that swim, Terry was diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer. Ever since he has truly swum for life.  

On November 4-5, 2016--exactly a year after his diagnosis--Terry swam two 10K marathons in the Red Sea on consecutive days in an event organized by TI-Israel.