Effortless Endurance (Level 1 Freestyle Course)


The Effortless Endurance Course is organized into five sequential lessons:

Lesson 1 Comfort and Body Control teaches you to feel weightless in the water and to gain control over your body, bringing three benefits: (1) Immediate significant energy savings; (2) The physical foundation for continuous long-term improvement; (3) The comfort, calm, and self-awareness that make every swim a pleasure. 

Lesson 2 Stabilize your Core creates a super-stable core body by teaching a compact, relaxed recovery. During recovery your arm weighs 10x its weight in water—creating enormous potential to cause instability in your core. A stable core enables you to (1) Learn all skills with much more ease; (2) Immediately (and automatically) pull and kick more effectively; (3) Swim injury-free forever.

Lesson 3 Shape your Vessel significantly reduces the effort and energy cost of any distance or speed by teaching you a fishlike (long, sleek, stable) body position and stroking habits that minimize wave-making and turbulence. 

Lesson 4 Breathe Easy teaches you to get all the air you need with consummate ease and comfort--and to fit your breath seamlessly into your stroke--via three key mini-skills: (1) Keep head and spine aligned. (2) Breathe with body roll. (3) Stay ‘tall’ as you breathe.

Lesson 5 Whole Stroke Study shows how all the pieces—learned in the four previous lessons--work together as a holistic system. In a holistic system all parts are intricately interrelated. This study guide, in combination with the video studies, will deepen your understanding of those relationships and empower you to make confident and knowledgeable choices about your own stroke.


The Effortless Endurance Course includes four modules: 

1. Ultra-Efficient Freestyle: The Book 130 pages of the clearest, most comprehensive, best illustrated explanation of how swimming works-for any technique not only freestyle. Deconstructs every aspect of freestyle technique. Provides in-depth guidance on head and body position, the armstroke, the kick, and breathing. 50+ photos show important details. 

2. The Effortless Endurance Video Series Fifteen individual videos--comprising 45 minutes of instruction--show a simple, foolproof, step-by-step method for developing an ultra-efficient freestyle. Every key movement and moment in each step and whole stroke shown above and below, in slow motion and stop action, with graphic highlights.

3. The Effortless Endurance Workbook. This companion volume to the videos gives detailed direction on how to learn effectively, bypass common errors, and make the most progress in the least time. Learn how to learn, as well as how to swim.

4. The Effortless Endurance Image Gallery. We collected the most revealing images from the Workbook in a series of galleries for each drill and skill, organized for easy review. Put them in a Ziploc bag and bring to the pool for an easy-to-follow visual guide.

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Terry Laughlin

Terry Laughlin is founder and head coach of Total Immersion Swimming, In his 40+ year coaching career, he coached scores of national champions and several world-ranked swimmers. In his 50-year swimming career he progressed from being 'stuck in the slow lane' between ages 14 and 21 to becoming a 6-time National Masters champion and multiple USMS age group record holder in open water, between age 55 and 60. 

In October 2015, he swam from Corsica to Sardinia, another in a long series of ‘ultra’-marathon swims in his 50s and 60s.  

Three weeks after that swim, Terry was diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer. Ever since he has truly swum for life.  

On November 4-5, 2016--exactly a year after his diagnosis--Terry swam two 10K marathons in the Red Sea on consecutive days in an event organized by TI-Israel.

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